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Gravimetric Filling Machines

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Nett Weighing Machine
Filling mechanism which measures out a predetermined mass of product, usually free flowing solids, before dispensing it as a fill. These machines can weigh products as diverse as sand, vegetables and breakfast cereals. Fillers of this type are suitable for weighing products at both low and medium speeds.
Selective Combination Weighing Machine
Also known as a Multi-Head Weighing machine, this is a nett weighing machine with multiple weighing units that computes an appropriate combination of loads to achieve a predetermined mass, before discharging them together as a fill. (See also Form Fill Seal and Inspection & Weighing Pages). Weighers of this type are suitable for accurate filling of products like potato crisps or salads at both medium and high speeds.
Gross Weighing Machine
A filling machine sometimes known as a weigh filler which measures out a predetermined mass of product, which may be liquid, powder, gas or solids, directly into the package which is resting on a weighing instrument which controls the filling operation. This method of weighing is used for products as diverse as jars of instant coffee, litre bottles of oil and 200 litre drums of chemicals. Gross weighing machine are suitable for accurate filling of products at both low and medium speeds.
Count Filling Machine
Packaging machine used to measure solids according to a predetermined count. A machine used commonly to pack pills into small rigid containers, or in hardware packing for small DIY items such as screws and nuts.

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